Blueprint (Mind and Body Support Package)


Three one-to-one consultations aimed at developing a ‘blueprint’ for self care of mind and body, particularly (though not exclusively!) amongst those trying to conceive. Once you have completed your purchase, I will be in touch to arrange our first meeting.

Blueprint weaves together the threads of my practices and teachings into a package of 1:1, carefully personalised support. If you are trying to conceive and feeling in need of some self-compassionate nurture – then this might be for you (or could be shared or gifted to someone that you know). Yoga informed practices and aromatherapy will form the spine of Blueprint. Together we’ll shape a map of a home practice that you feel inspired to integrate into your days and weeks. We’ll craft a synergistic aromatherapy blend to support you based on your individual needs. We’ll look at what you might need at different points in your cycle and consider self nourishing actions that might include meditation, breathwork, yoga and other gentle rituals that you can explore. You don’t need to have done any of these practices before and if you have an existing yoga practice, we can explore this too. YOU choose what goes into the toolkit and you’ll get supported and guided with your choices.

As such, blueprint is a blended and very individualised offering. We will work 1:1 to explore little rituals that you can weave into your day to support you as you navigate your way to building your family. If trying to conceive is taking longer than you’d hoped or if you are considering/going through treatment, the aim is to enable you to feel listened to, supported and to equip you with a unique toolkit that works for you (and that can be reflected on and adapted). This blueprint can be your compass to guide you home to yourself in times of anxiety, sadness and frustration. For now – this will be an online offering via Zoom.

You will receive three one-to-one sessions, a ‘blueprint’ of yoga-informed practices and aromatherapy, and a 10ml bespoke rollerball oil. The sessions will consist of:

  • Session One – Mapping the Territory. Your first 1:1 – we will explore your current experience, what you’d like support with and what calls you. We’ll use this to design your blueprint for self compassionate nurture, which you will receive soon after.
  • Session Two – Exploring Your Blueprint. We’ll focus on any areas you want to expand or evolve, share practice together (including guided meditation and breathwork) and set some waypoints ahead of Session Three.
  • Session Three – Diving Deeper. A concluding session to reflect and hone your home practice and toolkit, delving deeper into aspects of the practices and tools that you’d like to dive into further.
Dates will all be negotiated around you. Once you have purchased a Blueprint consultation, I will be in touch via email to arrange our first meeting.